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I am so excited you're here!

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Hi there, I'm Meghan! I'm a 24 year old wedding filmmaker based out of SE Iowa! As many other wedding filmmakers say, for as long as they can remember they have been documenting memories in some way. I am no different. I have been capturing anything that interested me since a young age which has helped driven my passion for wedding filmmaking!

As a wedding filmmaker I never cease to get butterflies the night before I film a wedding; whenever I think of any of my couples + the love I have been able to capture, and when I relive all those moments again while editing. I’m obsessed with all love and will continue to make films that put you right back in that moment when you watch them! 

A little bit more about me!

  • I love spending time with my friends and planning trips

  • I'm always saving room for a little something sweet after every meal

  • I'm a regular at some of my fave local businesses

  • I love journaling and creating + sending letters to my penpals

  • Taking trips to the library and coming back with too many books

  • I'm always admiring the moon 

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